Monday, March 30, 2009

Info for this Wednesday and Next Week

Hi everyone!

Here the information that you need for the next class period and for the following week while I'm gone to the National Conference for Educators in the Ceramic Arts.

For Wednesday:

I will give you information on your final project. We will also talk about research possibilities online (mainly worldcat and interlibrary loan forms) so bring your laptops if you have one.

Your first color drawing will also be due (complimentary colors using the balls, bowls, and fabric). We will hang them in the hallway with the self-portraits so that we can showcase both over the coming weeks.

We will start a still life on Wednesday, and you will need to bring multiple objects from home that say something about yourself for the class period. Think about value and color harmony when choosing your objects. Create a composition using mononchromatic, analgous, triadic or tetradic color from the color wheel. You can refer to last week's powerpoint on blackboard if you need an example of each as illustrated on the colorwheel.

For next week:

I will be gone, so you will not need to attend anything for class with the exception of Wednesday. I have set up a meeting at the library with Angela Barger. Meet her in the lobby of Forsyth at 7:00 p.m. She will give you a research tour of the library with the specific artists we are studying in mind (I gave her the list). This tour is required for the class...if you miss you will get an absence!

You can continue to work on your still life. We will critique them on Monday, April 13th. You should also actively research your artist for your final project as there's a lot of work required for the project. The final project must be done before the last week of class (before finals) so start early and don't procrastinate!

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