Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Assignment for Friday, April 3rd

Color pencil Still Life
100 points
Blog: Take a picture that illustrates a color contrast. – Due Apr 3rd
1. Immediate Response – Uncensored, irrational un-self-conscious impressions of the photo, what you notice first, what stand out and how it affects you.
2. Objective Description – Describe what is in front of you. Describe the photo to someone who cannot see it.
3. Formal Matters – discuss the composition, line quality, color, placement in space
4. The Story It Tells – Does the photo tell a story? Try naming the photo with a simple noun.
5. The Work in the World - How does the photo connect to Paul Cezanne’s drawings and paintings? (You may need to look up images of this artist on the Internet to be able to make a thorough comparison.)

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